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European Economic Chamber of
Trade, Commerce and Industry


  • Assist cross-border cooperation in Europe to complete the single market

  • Assist and advise companies in Eastern Europe to overcome difficulties in accessing European Union markets

  • Cooperate with national governments, local authorities, business federations, and relevant professional associations

  • Resource consult refer and mediate with international business contacts to forge business expansion

  • Assist in raising funds and capital from the private sector for international project financing and aid-deserving investments

  • Aid and support business, in particular small and medium-sized European enterprises (SMEs) through consultancy, corporate training and transfer of professional skills and knowledge

  • Promote and secure full employment, the creation of new jobs and opportunities, and human resource development by improving the individual and corporate competitiveness

  • Provide solutions to problems through the customized advice of our expert office holders

  • Promote the exchange of ideas, expertise and experiences at our regular professional meetings and workshops

  • Assist in launching new products and finding new markets
    Provide audit and certification services to innovative enterprises to promote their organization and competitiveness

  • Monitor the maintenance of high quality standards in products and services based on the highest levels of quality set in Europe

  • Participate in e-commerce and support internet activities

  • Combine creative energies and leading-edge technologies in the quest to provide real-world solutions to everyday challenges