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European Economic Chamber of
Trade, Commerce and Industry


The "European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry" is an internationally operating non-governmental organisation registered at the Commercial Court in Brussels in the form of a "European Economic Interest Grouping" organisation in accordance with the Council of the European Communities Regulation No.2137/85 of 25th July 1985.

It has the status of a non-profit organization due to the Confirmation of the Belgian Ministry of Finance. The annual balances are deposited at the Belgian National Bank (BNB). Its name has been protected by registartion as a trade mark with the EU Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market in Alicante.

The establishment of an organisation by European business executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporations wishing to promote and contribute to the EU harmonisation efforts was long overdue. With this in view, the European Economic Chamber EEIG was formed in 1998 with the following aims and objectives including the general support of the political, economic, social, scientific, cultural and environmental aims and objectives of the EU governments through the private sector:

Support the EU Eastern European integration

Promote the bridge-building of new markets globally

Commit efforts and resources to innovation and new technologies

Support selected projects by providing interdisciplinary solutions

Promote understanding and cooperation between all peoples of the globe and build bridges between Europe an the world

Promote and reward excellence in commerce, trade, industry, education, training, science and the arts