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"European Quality Standard for Ecological Housing (EuEcoQS)"

"European Quality Standard for Ecological Construction (EuEcoCon)"

"European Quality Standard for Organic Products (EuOPQS)"

"European Service Standard (EuSS)"

"European Hotel Standard (EuHS)"

"European Restaurant Standard (EuRS)"

"European Coffeehouse Standard (EuCS)"

"European Quality Standard for Camping sites (EuQSCS)"

"European Quality Seal for Home and Direct Sales (EuR-DS)"

"European Museum Standard (EuMQS) with Quality Seal for Museum"

"European Wine Standard (EuWQS) with Quality Seal for Wine"

"European Health & Wellness Standard (EuWS)"

"European Excellence Quality Education Organisation Standard"

 "Language School Stanard"

"Quality Seal Fair E-Commerce" – in preparation

"Licence Exchange" (mediation of licences, patents and franchising)

"Central Register of Qualified Enterprises in EU-Accession Countries"

"Central Register of European Expert Witnesses"

Training of qualified experts of certification

"European Award for Outstanding Innovative Performance (Innovation Award)"

"European Award for Outstanding Design (Design Award)"

"European Award for Outstanding Performance in Global Economy (Global Economy Award)"

"European Award for Outstanding Fairness in Trade (Fairness Award)"

"European Award for Outstanding Promotion of Sustainability and Ecology (Environment Award)"

"European Award for Inventions with outstanding technical and economic importance (Invention Award)"

Awarding of the best coffee companies and cafés with the "Golden Coffee Cup"

"European Excellence in Business Award"


"International Press Connections"

"Accreditation of Journalists"

"Issuing of Press Cards"


"Business Bulletin"


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