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European Economic Chamber of
Trade, Commerce and Industry


Our Organisation is registered in Brussels and our name is protected by registration at the EU Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante :

European Economic Chamber of Trade, Com merce and Industry European Economic Interest Grouping

Chambre Économique Européenne de Commerce, d'Artisanat et d'Industrie Groupement Européen d'Intérêt Économique

Europäische Wirtschaftska mmer für Handel, Gewerbe und Industrie Europäische wirtschaftliche Interessenvereinigung

We are not associated nor should we be confused with "eurochambres" or any other organization we do not specify as associate or affiliat .


The European Economic Chamber of Trade, Com merce and Industry is a non-partisan, neutral, independent, international economic organization which constantly grows and gains worldwide importance. We pride ourselves of the integrity and ethics within our organisation and we do not welcome people that try to make use of our good reputation to promote dishonest business practices. You are recommend to check with our secretariat-general in Brussels whenever you are approached by persons who allege to be functionaries or representatives and who are not listed in our website under "OFFICES".

A certain Paul DUNGELHOEFF is doing business under the name of "Chambre Economique Europénne" in Brussels. This organization has nothing to do with the "European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry (EEIG)".

The following persons are not current funtionmaries of the European Economic Chamber of Trade, Com merce and Industry (EEIG) and any assertion by them that they are associated to our organization should be reported directly to us ()

Mrs. Anita Matharu from India has no function in European Economic Chamber, EEIG anymore.

Mr. Alexander BOCHAROV has no function in the EEIG anymore.

Prof. Michael George MEGAS has been forced to leave the EEIG in all his functions.

Dr. Wolfgang RABE is neither a doctor nor a diplomat and is suspected to be prosecuted internationally for fraud.

Peter RAK, Vienna/Austria

Yorgos LAGOURANIS, Schaan/Liechtenstein

Dr. Stefan KLETSCH, Regensburg/Germany

Khazhak MOVSESYAN, Yerevan/Armenia

Dimitra PAIDAKI, Argos/Greece   

Theodoros PARARAS, Argos/Greece

Christina PRIYADHARSHINI, Bangalore/India

Dr. Mathias SCHROEDER, Vaduz/Liechtenstein

Apostolos SERAFIS, Agrinio/Greece

Dibya Mani RAJBHANDARI, Kathmandu/Nepal

Xiaoyuan LI, Beijing/China